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Greeting Cards for Corporate Users

Corporate users can maximize the power of our Online Automated Greeting Card System by creating automated campaigns that schedule cards to be automatically sent out to customers, employees, clients, patients, vendors and referral sources on a prearranged basis.

The following examples will give you some ideas of how other business have used our service.

Real Estate - ReMax Campaign

Boat Dealer - Malibu Campaign

ATV Dealer - Weller Campaign

If you're looking for "mass-mailing" service, we are not it.  But if you're looking for a service that will help you automat your client follow-up and maintain a real personal touch without breaking the bank, then we are just what you are looking for.

Plus you have the ablity to set up Automatic Greeting Card Campaigns and have Personalized Greeting Cards send at predetermined times.  Just imagine getting a new client, adding them to your greeting card campaign, and then never having to think about it again.  Follow-up greeting cards and postcards just get automatically sent for years to come.  You can even use the system to set-up a reminder system for yourself.

But, don't take our word for it.  Heck we can't really describe in words everything you can do with our system anyways.  Just try it for yourself right now and send a greeting card for free, we'll even pay the postage!